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Seap Health Foundation

This special health package was designed to meet the health needs of the less privilege and people at the grass root level. This special package is a participatory foundation where clients contribute a token of #500 to enable them access health grant from the pool of the foundation as their health needs arises.

This programme is for the benefit of our dear clients and staff of the organization as it looks into the various health cases that can be treated and cured in the hospital. The benefits of this health scheme is also extended to realtives of active clients who are facing one health challenge or the other. This is to conquer our goal which is "sound health for everyone".

Service Details

Below are the requirements of the clients seeking for health grant:

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  • SHF ticket at ₦500.
  • Copies of medical report.
  • Letter from the group duly signed by the group executives.
  • Photograph of the patient.
  • Letter from the client’s branch which will include their account number.

Thousands of SEAP clients have benefited from SEAP Health Foundation and thereby having a chance to live again even against all hopes.

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Address: No 1, Western Reservoir, Olorunsogo, Ilorin, Kwara State - Nigeria


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