Check SEAP MFI. we have multiple loans scheme.

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At a very low interest rate.

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It is our resolution to give our customer the best.

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Self Reliance Economic Advancement Programme (SEAP) is a business oriented, non-profit sharing, non-political, non-religious and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which started operations in 1998 with voluntary membership but was officially registered in 2000. SEAP seeks to promote sustainable livelihood for the less privileged in the society.

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We have various loan products tailored to meet your every need.Our loans come with a very affordable interest rate and well spread duration of payback repayment, all to your comfort.

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SEAP Health Foundation

SEAP Health Foundation (SHF) is a special package of SEAP put together for the benefit of our dear clients and staff of the organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions about SEAP MFI.

To be a part of SEAP MFI, you need to send your CV to the

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You can obtain loans from SEAP MFI by visiting the nearest SEAP MFI branch at your location,

SEAP MFI offers a cheaper interest rate, with a convenient repayment period.

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Client's Testimonials

SEAP MFI supported me when i needed financial aide in expanding my bussiness.

Mrs Bukola Wumi


Since i became a client at SEAP MFI, i have experienced growth in my bussiness and i am now enjoying a rapid increase in my profit

Mr Joshua Godswill


I am grateful to SEAP MFI for empowering me to be able to provide for my children education

Mrs Omolara Daramola


SEAP MFI has improved my life from paying rent to having my own house

Mr Pelumi Tejumola

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