Loan Products

MSP Loan

This is a loan disbursed to individual members of a group with repayment tenure of 40 weeks. Interest rate 15% with one week moratorium

Members of a particular group are expected to meet one day in a week. One external guarantor and 6 guarantors within the group must be provided before a clients can access this loan. The required savings deposit for first loan is 10% while the first amount is between 10,000 to 50,000.

Education Loan

SEAP is helping her members to pay their children school fess and savings deposit before accessing the loan is between 25% & 30% for amount above N200,000.

Interest on loan is 10%, repayment period is 16 weeks (4months) and loan applicant must have 2 guarantors – (one of whom must be a civil servant of not less than level 12.

Agricultural Loan

SEAP gives loan to farmers that are into poultry or fishing or piggery, savings deposit is 25% and 30% for any amount above N300,000 while interest rate is 15%.

The moratorium (grace period) for this product is 2 months while repayment mode can be either weekly or monthly depending on the nature of agriculture business. Repayment period is 10 months (40 weeks) and lLoan applicant must have started the poultry, fishery, or piggery business becaust feasibility study will be conducted. To access this loan, 2 guarantors are expected one and must be a civil servant minimum of level 12 grade.

Transportation Loan

Registration is required just as the other loan product with 40% savings deposit. Loan applicant must belong to Road Transport Union or National Road Transport Union because there must be a letter from the unon that is he is a good member. Also from the loan applicant, MSP branch should also send a letter to show that he is a good client.

Interest rate on this product 18% per year, one(1) month moratorium and repayment length is 11 months. If it is 2 years loan period], the interest rate is 36% and repayment period is 23 months. two(2) guarantors are required. Comprehensive Insurance of the vehicle will be made, also SEAP logo will be inscribed on it.

Mortgage Loan

SEAP also helps to make the dream of becoming a house ownner a reality and supporting other kind of building projects like schools. Each of the guarantors must have their own house, there must be C of O/R of O of the land. The organization lawyer will help to write a letter, which the applicant will sign that he/she has transferred the ownership to SEAP, pending the time he/she is through with the repayments. Savings deposit is 30%, moratorium is 2 months while interest rate is 15% per year and repayment period is 10 months(40 weeks).

Production Loan

This loan is designed to assist those who are into productions of materials, savings deposit for this loan type varies in accordance to the amount of loan required as detailed.
50,000 and above: savings deposit is 25%.
100,000 to 199,000: savings deposit is 30%.
200,000 and above: savings deposit is 40%.

The interest rate for weekly repayment is 10% with 24 weeks repayment period while interest rate for monthly repayment is 18% with repayment period of five(5) months. To access this loan, two(2) guarantors are needed, one civil servant, minimum level 12, all the necessary documents must be checked.

Equipment Loan

This loan product is obtainable under the investment scheme and the requirements are the same as in the Transportation loan above.

SME Weekly

This is another loan product kind that is designed to suit targeted business type. The savings deposit also varies corresponding to the amount of loan on focus. Interest rate is 10% and repayment pwriod is 24 weeks. Two(2) guarantors are also required for which one of them must be a civil servant with minimum of level 12 in service.

SME Monthly

The structure of this loan product is similar to the SME Weekly above except that its repayment mode is monthly which is to meet the business trend of those whose businesses cannot fit into the weekly repayment mode. Repayment period is five(5) months with one month moratorium, interest rate is 20%. Interest rate -20%, two(2) guarantors are also required for which one of them must be a civil servant with minimum of level 12 in service.

Group Investment

THis is a group loan product as the MSP Weekly except that its repayment mode is structured to 24 weeks with 10% interest. two(2) guarantors are also required for which one of them must be a civil servant with minimum of level 12 in service. MSP clients who want to access investment loan must sign the investment loan agreement form from his/her MSP Branch and other due deligence had to be carried out.

Dorcas Loan

This special loan product is designed for widows so as to afford them to lay their hands a business that can sustain them and their children. Interested widows are expected to form themselves into a group having a minimum of 10 persons. Registration is also required and the savings deposit is just like MSP Weekly. Interest is 10% with repayment length of 40 weeks meanwhile death certificate/court affidavit of the husband is a very important document to tender to qualify anyone for this loan product.

Monthly Loan

THis is a special loan designed in such a way that existing SEAP clients who are currently having active loans can still apply for this loan loan product but with a condition that they must have reached the 35 repayment length of their running loan and their will not be any need to raise additional savings deposit in as much as their current savings is up to 10% of the MSP Monthly loan that they are applying for.

Non SEAP clients can also apply for this loan but such will have to get registered under any of our branches and savings deposit for this category of persons is 15% of the loan amount applied for which minimum is 100,000 naira.